With this integration you can: 

  1. Send very targeted WhatsApp communication to leads at the right time in the buying cycle.

    This can be automated based on sales events using our workflow automation.

  2. For example, you can now send Site Visit directions on WhatsApp when one is scheduled or

    as a reminder on the day of the scheduled date.

  3. Any response from a lead flows back straight into Sell.Do and is available in the activity feed

    against the lead

  4. We now also have a new inbox for WhatsApp like your Email Inbox.

  5. Not just this, you can also respond (within a 24-hour window) to your leads WhatsApp

    message using Session Messaging, engaging in a rich 2-way communication. 

We are confident WhatsApp communication will help our clients improve their customer experience,

engage better & sell faster.




How to get Onboarded

  1. Pre-requisites:  
    1. A Facebook Page 
    2. Facebook Business on Facebook Business Manager Account

    3. A verified Facebook Page if you want a Verified WhatsApp Account (

  2. Pre-requisites for submitting a request:

    1. Business Name

    2. Website

    3. Contact Phone

    4. Contact Email

    5. Address

    6. Logo

  3. Once you approach us for an integration; Sell.Do will submit a request to WhatsApp for approval of your Brand. It takes around 30 working days for a response from the WhatsApp Team. 

  4. If rejected, we will try to follow-up with their team to understand the reasons.

  5. Once approved, a WhatsApp business account (without a green tick) is enabled.

  6. At this point, we will integrate the business account with Sell.Do and enable all necessary

    accesses on your account.

  7. We will have an initial set of WhatsApp templates approved & will submit a request for

    additional ones based on your requirements.

  8. For a verified WhatsApp Business Account (one with a Green tick)

    1. Get your Facebook Page verified from FB.

    2. Get your Facebook business verified from FB (usually takes 7 working days, Sell.Do

      can help you with this but will need access to your BM)

    3. Once we have this, Sell.Do will submit a request to WhatsApp for Business

      verification (7-14 working days)

    4. Once approved we invoice for the API access fee for green tick

Pricing & Commercials 

  1. Business Account without green tick (API Access Fee) – INR 1,50,000 (one-time)
  2. Business Account with green tick (Verified Account Access Fee) – Additional 50,000 (onetime)
  3. Session Messaging – Additional INR 50,000 (one-time)
  4. Cost: Re. 1 / WhatsApp Incoming Message in India.
  5. Cost: Re. 1 / WhatsApp Outgoing Message in India
  6. Cost: Rs. 1500 / month for the Virtual Number (required for WhatsApp) will be applicable

Conditions & Assumptions

  1. The client needs to provide a Verified Facebook Business Manager account & a FB page to start the process for WhatsApp Business Account.
  2. The client needs to provide a Verified Facebook page to start the process for a Verified WhatsApp Business Account.
  3. 25% of the API Access Fee is due on the date of onboarding.
  4. Remaining 75% of the API Access Fee is due when the WhatsApp business account is approved & configured on Sell.Do.
  5. The session messaging fee will be applicable if the feature is purchased & enabled. This feature can be purchased & enabled at any later stage.
  6. The Verified Account Access Fee will be due immediately after your account is verified by WhatsApp.
  7. No call, Video-call feature is available for WhatsApp for Business.
  8. The WhatsApp account will be configured with a Virtual United States Phone Number. We can transfer the ownership of this number (on your Twilio Account) & it can be modified by you like a personal WhatsApp account.
  9. By opting for WhatsApp Business API integration, you agree & accept WhatsApp’s Terms & Conditions mentioned at & &
  10. WhatsApp rejects any kind of promotional content in the template. Any type of file (Images, Videos, Documents etc) can be uploaded in the link which can be added in the template.
  11. All approvals for WhatsApp Account, WhatsApp Templates are dependent on the WhatsApp

    team. Sell.Do only acts as a facilitator.

  12. Any restrictions or blocking of the account by WhatsApp may be irreversible & will not be eligible for any refund.


  1. Approx. Days to get your WhatsApp Business API approved – 30 working days
  2. Approx. Days to get your WhatsApp Business API verified – 10 working days (after account approval.
  3. A new template approval takes 2-3 working days from WhatsApp’s end and is subject to WhatsApp terms and conditions.

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