To Integrate Facebook leadgen leads with Sell.Do, please follow the below steps : 

  1. Connect your Facebook account with
    • Login to Sell.Do with your admin account.
    • Go to Marketing Automation > Third Party Accounts > Facebook Adverts Account.
    • Click connect now and a Facebook window will pop-up.
    • Sign in with your Facebook Admin account and allow permissions to the pages you want to integrate.
  2. Once Facebook is connected, go to Facebook Adverts Account.
    • In the configuration window, select Facebook adverts accounts.
    • Select the Facebook page from which leads will flow in Sell.Do.
  3. Now navigate to Marketing Automation > Campaign tracking.
    • Edit the campaign in which you want the leads to be tracked/tagged.
    • Go to Input channels and create a rule by clicking "Add".
      • API Channel : Website
      • Project : of your choice
      • Source : Facebook
      • Subsource : Enter subsource of your choice but make sure to add underscore and form ID as suffix. For E.g If you want to name your subsource as "fbleadgen_pune" add subsource as "fbleadgen_pune_12434324244234" where 12434324244234 is the facebook form ID.
  4. Once this rule is created and Facebook is connected, Leadgen leads will flow in Sell.Do.

Note : If facebook is disconnected for some reason, leads will not flow in Sell.Do till the time it is connected again.