Following figure shows the list of users which are already added with their key information. Irrespective of status, all the users (active and In-active) are displayed here. You can hide In-active users from list by enabling “Hide in-active users” flag in Configuration Settings. The details displayed in the list of the users will include basic details, professional details, account created date, updated date and last Sign-in Date of user.

You can manage user with following functionalities :-
  • Edit (For active user)
  • Reset Password Instructions (For active user)

  • Call Availabilities (For active user)

  • Deactivate User (For active user)

  • Reset Confirmation Instructions (For unconfirmed user)

  • Activate User (For inactive user)

You can search users by the name/email/phone. You can also search users by team.  

  • Click on Filter on the right hand side.

  • If you want to view users in a particular team, then select that Team from the drop-down & click on Search.

  • To search user by name/Phone/Email, enter it in search box & click on Search.