Team and User Management

This section gives you an idea about “How to handle teams & users” in Sell.Do. Now the basic question is who are the users in the system? Users are those stakeholders who would be extensively using Sell.Do to interact with their leads. In Sell.Do, you should create an account for every user who needs access to CRM online. Every user need to be assigned a particular role and team. A Team is a group of users created to classify them into more manageable units generally depending on the project and location. Depending on Role of user, basically there are 4 user-types Pre-sales Representative Sales Representative Manager (Team Manager) Administrator

You can view list of teams already added , with key information of each. You can manage all the details for every team. Following figure shows the list of e...
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Users - Overview
Following figure shows the list of users which are already added with their key information. Irrespective of status, all the users (active and In-active) ...
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Users - Add User
 You can create user account on Sell.Do & assign a particular role to user, so that the user could access the Sell.Do & use it for the respective ...
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User - Manage User
Edit User To change the existing details of user, you can use Edit user feature. Edit User procedure is similar to Add User. Click the Edit icon of the ...
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Call Availability Matrix
Call availability matrix enables you to define the availabilities on users on days of the week along with the fallback users if they are unavailable.  This...
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