Edit User

To change the existing details of user, you can use Edit user feature. Edit User procedure is similar to Add User.

  • Click the Edit icon of the team which you want to edit. 

  • Update the details.

  • Click the Save option to submit the changes.


  1. Reset Password Instructions
    If a user is unable to access his account and wants to reset password, then you can give reset password instruction which will send a reset password URL in email to the user.

    • To reset password of a particular user, click on Reset Password icon (Refer above figure).
    • An email with reset password link will be sent to user’s registered email address.

  2. Call Availability
    Depending on user’s working hours, you can adjust the call availability of each user. If a user is not available on a particular day, then you can mark him as unavailable & setup a fallback user for him, due to which for that specific day, all his incoming calls will be routed to his fallback user.

    • To set call availability of user, click Call Availability icon(Refer above figure).
    • To set availability for each day , select From and To timing.(24 hours format)

  3. To set user as not available on a certain day, click Mark as not available and select another user to whom the lead calls should be forwarded.


  4. Reactivate and Deactivate User
    If a user is not going to use the account for a longer time (either user is permanently not available or on longer holiday), then you can deactivate the user so that the leads won’t be pending at him/her & would be forwarded to another users. Similarly once user resumes the work, you can activate his account again. This will reduce your work of creating & deleting account repeatedly if required.

  5. Deactivate User
    • Click on Deactivate icon, to deactivate an active user. (Refer figure 7)
    • You can reassign the leads of a deactivated user to another user so the leads won’t be missed.

    If in a case where you want to deactivate user A for a specific time and reassign A’s leads to user B. After the specific time while reactivating user A you want to reassign A’s leads back to him/her, then

    • Select the check-box Temporarily de-activate while deactivating & select User B to reassign leads.
    • If you don’t select this check-box, the leads will be permanently re-assigned to User B & cannot be pulled back.

Select the check-box Pull back temporarily reassigned leads while reactivating.

Resend Confirmation Instructions
If you have created the user account and it is in unconfirmed status (that is user has not activated the account). There may be a possibility that user has not received confirmation email, and then you can click Resend Confirmation Instructions which will send a confirmation email to user’s email address.

  • To reset password of a particular user, click on Send Reset Password Instructions icon.

Edit Your Profile
You can change your profile details similar to Edit user.

  • Click on the Edit Profile.

  • Edit your personal details & mobile application settings.

  • Click on the Save option to submit the changes.