Promoting with SMS would generate the genuine leads which are interested in property as they SMS for enquiry. (Refer Campaigns for more details). But to track these enquiries in you should configure the SMS short-code settings first. 

In order to use 3rd party sms short-codes in, you need to complete the set-up as below

Currently you can integrate oxygenvalue-first short-code services with following procedure


  1. Once you purchase the short-code oxygen, you will get login credentials and short-code in registered email. You should login into the interface provided by oxygen in order to configure the setup.
  2. Once logged-in, you will be able to view dashboard screen as follows

  3. Select Keywords < Setup for short-code in order to progress.

  4. Select Auto - forwarding option.

  5. Now put URL in format "",put your short-code after last "/" and submit.
    For example :

  6. Now create new SMS short-code in settings and update the details.

  7. This completes the short-code setup, now you will get the configured short-code in list while campaign setup.
  8. For valuefirst, there is no console/interface is available, hence you need to contact support team of valuefirst & give URL in following format to configure with there system$Sender&SMSTEXT=$Message_Text&time=$Time_Stamp&operator=$Operator&circle=$Circle

This is the standard URL format for the SMS short code in Sell.Do. Although, be advised that for every new service provider who sets up the short code for us, a new URL architecture will have to be developed. Presently, we have setup done for Oxygen and ValueFirst.