Settings Management

User management
The user and the team tabs have been included under this section. Addition of users, setting up their call availabilities, adding teams can be done in t...
Thu, 8 Mar, 2018 at 3:49 PM
In the Billing section, you can view all the invoices generated till date and also the outstanding amount that is to be paid.  You can view your plan ac...
Thu, 8 Mar, 2018 at 4:33 PM
Search Lists
Visit List for more details about editing recently created lists as well as creating new lists for Marketing, pre-sales/sales or to reassign the leads using...
Thu, 8 Mar, 2018 at 4:36 PM
Lead settings
Customise your lead form :- There are 3 options available which include Enabling the basic user interface (basic lead profile form which limited fields), e...
Thu, 8 Mar, 2018 at 5:03 PM
No need to worry if you have data in bulk because of which adding leads manually becomes a difficult task. We have provided a provision of uploading the lea...
Wed, 23 Mar, 2022 at 7:00 PM
In order to know more about exporting of leads, virtual numbers, calls etc. visit Export!!
Thu, 8 Mar, 2018 at 5:21 PM
IVR Settings :- Enable call forwarding - Enable this option and it will ensure that all your inbound calls are equally routed between your available us...
Fri, 9 Mar, 2018 at 4:58 PM
Configuration :- Enable Channel Partner Enabling this will allow admin to add channel partner. Enable Channel Partner for Sales This will allow sa...
Fri, 9 Mar, 2018 at 4:39 PM
Notification Settings
Lead Notification :- Enabling the notifications as mentioned in the below image will ensure that the default SMS/Emails are sent to the lead informing t...
Fri, 9 Mar, 2018 at 3:04 PM
Hide inactive users from the list :- Enabling this option will hide all the inactive users from the Users list. You can see only the active users in the li...
Fri, 9 Mar, 2018 at 3:10 PM