Customise your lead form :-

There are 3 options available which include Enabling the basic user interface (basic lead profile form which limited fields), enabling custom sales UI (if the form is designed as per custom requirements from the client using custom-js) and enabling detailed form for sales (sales form will reflect same as that of pre-sales).

Marking fields as required :-

The fields on the lead profile form can be set as mandatory (without filling these details, the user cannot save the form) from this section.

Manage lead access control :-

Suppose there are two teams - Pre-sales team and Sales team and there is a lead present with the Pre-sales team; so the users present in that team can only access the details of that lead and the Sales team cannot have access to the lead. So using this section, the team based access can be enabled. 

Lead Notifications :-

The sms and email notifications that are sent to the leads can be enabled using this section.  

Customising your booking form :-

The fields that are to be made as "Required" can be done using this section.

Manage pipeline stages :-

Custom pipeline stages can be created using this section; the admin can also edit the drop-off reasons for unqualification and lost.