IVR Settings :-

Enable call forwarding -

Enable this option and it will ensure that all your inbound calls are equally routed between your available users. Disabling it will stop your inbound call forwarding.

Welcome message -

This text will be played as a Welcome IVR when a lead calls on the Virtual Number. This can include greeting to the lead along with the Client name. 

All users busy message -

When all the sales representatives are busy on a call, this text will be played as an IVR to the lead. 

Not Available Message -

When none of the sales representatives are available to attend the call, this text will be played as an IVR to the incoming call. 

Conference Call -

This feature allows the managers to get into a conference call with the customer and sales person in his team.

Start Hour & End Hour -

This option enables the administrator to set the business hours according to the work hours. The IVR will also play according to the work hours set here.

Min Hops - 

This feature gives you an option to set minimum hops for incoming calls. In order to use this feature; please ensure you have enabled call forwarding for incoming calls.

Wait TimeOut -

This option allows you to add a wait duration before an incoming call is transfered to another user. The minimum duration is 10 secs and maximum is 50 secs. 

Allow to upload recording -

Enabling this option and it will allow you to upload an .mp3 file, which will be played instead of the text message configured in the begining.


Call Configuration :-

Outbound number criteria - 

This signifies the virtual number which will be displayed to the lead when a click to call is made by the user. Select 'Default Number' and it will display your default outbound virtual number, and if you select  'Team Default Number' it will display the team's default outbound number, Select 'First Campaign' and it will display first virtual number from where the customer enquired, 'Last Campaign' will display the number used in the campaign from which the lead has placed the latest inquiry.

Select call attempts to unqualify lead -

Set the number of call attempts required to Unqualify an untouched lead i.e one in Incoming stage. Note - the duration between the 2nd last and the last call should be 24hrs

Make call feedback mandatory -

The call feedback form that appears on the UI once the call is answered is made mandatory once this option is enabled. If this option is not enabled the sales can cancel the feedback form without filling the call details.

Enable Phone number verification - 

The leads have to enter a verification code (OTP) when they submit their details via the website enquiry form. OTP will be sent to the phone number which the lead has entered while filling theform. Once the OTP is entered and the form is submitted, the lead will be a Verified lead i.e., The phone number of the lead will be verified

Enable auto call -

Enabling this option will automatically initiate a call to the lead once he/she submits the Sell.Do web enquiry form. The lead will receive a call on his phone number which he has entered for auto call and once the call is received by the lead, a call is initiated to the sales automatically.