system primarily focuses on sales and marketing. The introduction of incentive management system provides a flexible solution for clients to motivate their employees with monetary incentives.

Incentive module allows you to design and track sales incentive plans. It enables you to create complex incentive plans for various users, projects, and hierarchies. Admin user has access to create plans and track the details through reports.

In order to enable the incentive module, raise a request to support team. Once it is enabled, you can create incentive plans from incentive module and get the incentive and performance reports for it.

Important points to be noted in incentive module are

  • You can create different incentive plans for different projects.

  • For various user types, you should create different plans for even for the same project.

  • You can create the incentive plan either hierarchy wise or custom user-specific which enables you to either use hierarchy structure for successive level users or makes you use any user for the successive level structure in payout pattern.

  • The incentive can be generated for various events like site visit schedule, site-visit conduct, booking and qualified leads.