Pre-sales settings :-

This section indicates all configurations related to pre-sales module of Sell.Do. Administrator has view only access to this configuration which implies that he/she can not change these configurations. To change these, you need to contact Sell.Do team. 

Below are the pres-sales configurations :-

Enable pre sales module -

  • Enabling this will allow your sales to move leads from presales to sales. You can either allow an automated routing or allow your pre-sales team to choose a sales person.
    Even if this module is not enabled, you can still run a pre sales team and allow them to re-assign the customers (presales and sales tagging on customers is disabled).

Enable auto-forwarding -

  • Enabling this will allow pre-sales users to select only the team name before pushing the lead. No sales name in the team will be displayed. The lead will be pushed to the sales person from the team selected based on the scores of the team member. This will help avoiding being bias towards a particular sales & ensure equal lead allocation to your sales team.

Enable pull to sales functionality -

  • Enabling this will allow the sales person to pull the leads from pre-sales.

Enable call-center management - 

  • This functionality enables pre-sales users to operate under certain parameters that ensures only available users receive calls effectively reducing call wait times and drops for the lead. It includes call status like Available (User being logged in and available to answer calls), Busy (User being logged in and busy on an active call), Disposition Time (To grant a breather and allow time to the user to update lead data once an active call has ended), On Break (Used when the user goes on a break during his/her work hours during which no calls are sent to him/her) and Not Available (User has logged out of his/her Sell.Do account after his/her shift has ended).

Call center presence management -

  • Enabling this, the system will track if user is logged into Sell.Do then only he will get calls and leads else he will be considered as unavailable.

  • Disabling it will forward the calls to users even if they are not logged-in into system.

Sales to pre-sales -

  • Allows your sales personnel to reassign leads back to the pre-sales personnel.

SPS Reassign allow sales -

  • Enabling this will allow sales person to reassign leads to pre-sales users.

Post sales settings :-

Following configurations are available for the post-sales module. You can update them as per your requirements.

  1. Enable Post-sales module -
    Enabling this will allow you to use post sales module.

  2. Allow post sales users to confirm bookings -

    Enabling this will allow post sales users to confirm bookings if it is disabled then only post sales managers can confirm the bookings.

  3. Reply to address -
    This will be sent reply email address, so whenever customer replies back to any mail, he/she will see this email address as recipients email address.

  4. Routing based on -
    You booking details can be routed based project, team or sales.

  5. Payment Types -

    You can add multiple payment types in order to differentiate the payments.

  6. Interest Percentage -

    You can add monthly interest percentage which will be applied in case if customer delays payment.

  7. Grace Period -

    Interest will be applicable if the customer doesn't pay pending amount in x no. of days from sending the demand letter. You can define grace period in a number of days.

  8. Government Costs -
    You can add different government cost by default in this section. The cost can be absolute/calculative. If you select calculative cost, you need to add formula to calculate which will be
    Final Cost = Value % of Selected field value

    For ex. Vat = 1% of Agreement Value

    Henceforth, the vat value will be always calculated depending on agreement value.

    Please note you must not add costs which differ depending upon inventory.

  9. Reminder -

    You can automate the reminders for demand letters if payment is due at customer end. You can multiple reminders which will be generated after specified days of the demand letter sent date/last reminder sent date.
    Reminder Threshold

    You can add threshold %. If a customer has paid threshold of pending amount, then the reminder emails will not be sent.

  10. Send Cancellation Email -
    Enabling this will allow the system to send the cancellation email to the customer.

    You can also configure the no. of days after which cancellation email should be sent.