With the List feature, Sell.Do achieves two effective goals 1)Make important lists of company accessible to all users of it – Sell.Do allows you to create list with filtered criteria as per your requirements and locate it on sales and pre-sales user's interface by default. For Ex. missed call list is a list of leads that have their last call missed and it is accessible to everyone. When sales user login into system and access missed calls list; the list will be filtered with an extra filter of lead owner thus only leads assigned to him will be displayed in list. 2)Reassign certain leads to a user – Sell.Do allows you to reassign multiple leads to other user at a time. For Ex. If You want all leads from X campaign to be re-assigned to a user A; you can create a list that matches the criteria (filter by campaign X) and mark it as re-assign the leads to sales and select user A in input field. The system will create a list and move all the leads matched under this criteria to user A. These lists are not displayed on the sales interface as they are not default lists but just used for re-assigning leads.

Manage List
You can create and manage different lists from List page. List page displays multi-column list of the already created lists by you with following informat...
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Add List
By Sales : Primary Sales Ids : User which is primary owner of lead. Multi-selection is allowed. Secondary Sales Ids : User which is secondary owne...
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